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Commander Pro fan problems


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I have a newly installed commander pro, it’s been over 30 days because I didn’t install it right away .

It"s in a new build, Anyway I have a problem with the first three fan ports The RPM readings are all erratic for all three and the only time you can control the rpm is in the fixed percent fixed rpm and the max settings.

Anything with the Graft in it and you can’t control the RPM.

And the same thing with the ICUE software except it does it with all six at first until you set it up for The right fans.

I’m using the performance edition SP 120 PWM corsair fans.http://forum.corsair.com/forums/images/smilies/confused.gif

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I’m running a custom cooling loop in my computer and I have those three fans set to the temperature probe on The intake of my bottom radiator, essentially ambient.

But over the last three or four days I’ve set the source temperature to every temperature sensor in link. All the motherboard including the CPU and GPU temp sensors and the ones on the commander pro. Nothing works..

Added another screenshot.



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