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A8N-sli,best Settings?


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hi guys

i am running asus a8n-sli with fx53 cpu,hyper48 fan with ati x850xt 256 pci express card i aslo have 1gig of corsair memory(pc3200xl twins)

i play halflife2 alot and when i was running my pc at around 2649,it would quit making me reboot.i think fsb is at 212mhz. can anyone help with this problem. also im running 5.2 catalyst drivers ty

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Sounds like an overheat issue.


That thing flys at stock...I'd turn it back down. I know a number of guys who have tweaked that chip and most say the performance gain was hardly noticeable...

i have turned it back down to normal settings. its running at 2412mhz. but my cpu temp was like 116 when running overclocked so i dont think heat is it maybe video card settings? i installed ati tweaker for it and all seems ok.ty
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