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Halp!: Crystal 570x build cooler probs


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Alright, I've built a computer before but it was a long time ago. I'm no pro. This one is for the boy who thinks he's pro. Crystal 570x case, Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 mobo, i7 8700 cpu -- im locked in on the latter two of these parts. I have a buddy who is in the industry who is providing me with these parts in a bundle at a very substantial discount.


So after a ton of research, I'm a buyer on the Corsair RGB control and cooling. The boy wants bling. Fine. Pick my parts: I want to cool it all with the CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H115i PRO RGB ($139) on top and an SP120 RGB in the back to match the 3 x SP120s that come with the case in the front.


Then I start watching videos. This guy seems like he knows what he's doing (Skip ahead to the 15 minute mark to see the problem):





Even though he's using a different motherboard than the Z370 mobo I'm going to use, some part on the top (back) left of the motherboard, the name of which I cannot currently remember, interferes with the placement of the the back-most 140mm fan on the H115i cooling kit and therefore that fan cannot be installed. By the looks of it, I am going to have the same problem.


I can avoid this fit problem by buying either the CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H110i PRO RGb (2x 120mm fan radiator, $119) for the top of the case....i assume. Orrrr, I could also buy the CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H150i PRO RGB (3x 120mm fan radiator, $169) radiator kit for the front. I kind of wanted the 2 x 140 mm fans for the top.


Corsair doesn't sell just the 3x120mm radiator and pump kit without the fans, the H150i kit comes only with the three fans -- three fans I already have if I've bought the 570x case. I don't like the idea of spending an extra $50 for roughly the same cooling just because Corsair didn't design the case to accommodate the 2 x 140mm H115i fan radiator kit in the most likely place people would want them (top) with the most likely motherboards people are going to want to use.


Thoughts, suggestions, help? Greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Hey, forget it. I see from perusing the forum that there's like 12 billion threads already on this topic. Seems like with the level of interest in matching the H115i radiator kit with the 570x case as a top mount that exists, and Corsair hasn't done anything to date to fix, this is looking like a pretty major fail on Corsair's part. Can someone please confirm that the H110i radiator kit will work as a top mount on the 570x with the Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 mobo I am planning to use? Thanks very much.

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Thank you Mr. Corsair Caliente! I got with forum contributers DevBiker, c-attack and Zotty in another thread and they straightened me out on where I was going wrong. IMO, y'all ought to be paying them for the help they give out here.


Also, the circumstances being what they are, have you ever considered changing your handle to Corsair Frio? :-)

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