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iCUE Supplants and Replaces Default Profiles and Settings on Whim


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Occasionally I restart my computer. I know, shocker, but it happens. iCUE is supposed to start when the machine starts, but sometimes it will be unresponsive.

So I do the age old #1 technical fix-it. I shut down iCue (usually have to force it with task manager as the tray icon interaction yields no results even when it allows me to click and select an option) and I turn it back on.


Every single time it starts up this way (probably every time, but I only pay attention when it's not doing its job) it creates 3 or 4 new profiles and a new DPI setting which... why would it need to do that last one since the DPI setting has multiple options within in it... Moving on.


I finally stopped it completely screwing my DPI settings by changing my preferred DPI to the first preset in the DPI list. Then I had to change it to the first preset in the stupid new DPI settings it kept installing. Now it installs yet another new DPI setting and makes that my default!


The Profile setting itself it seems to be slightly less idiotic about since it just adds three or four that I will never use because I have my own custom profile instead but doesn't otherwise seem to change the default there.


I've checked Google, it just pops up the entire thread list from the iCUE Profiles subforum. Technical Support doesn't seem to have a function for iCUE itself, just for various products (I have a refurbished 17-button light up mouse and an ancient headset that has a volume up/down and mute and no integration with iCUE, and an even older USB stick that's... somewhere, I'm sure). Nothing that would assist with the GUI functions and insistence to install new profiles as though this were the first time iCUE has ever been turned on in the history of this computer.


I suppose I should be grateful it's not deleting my profiles or rewriting their settings.

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Go to Settings. There's a button for exporting the log files.


That said, they get large. Digging through them to find what was going on when it happened is difficult. Which is why I suggested that you get a log file immediately after it happens. That way, they know where to look in the log file.

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