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iCue and change brightness of fans

OG Madbone

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I have iCue installed and all the 6 fans are connected with Lightning Node Pro.

The fans have the rainbove wave profile and all goes well.I have iCue 3.7.99 installed.


However, i want to change the brightness of the fans, but i can't find a way how to do this. I think it is a little too bright. Now with Corsair Link i could change this, but i prefer Corsair iCue to use.


Can you help me to find a solution?



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Sorry, I know this is a old message and updates to ICUE and Lighting Node Pro Programs have been made several times by now. I have looked to find answers but i guess people like super bright LEDs and they are great, but there has to be a way to turn them down some. I sure havent found any answers to this yet.

I saw this post and tried your 1st suggestion and the Program for Lighting Node Pro says ICUE is controlling lighting. So I could not turn down fan lighting because of that. All I could do it monitor the PC with no other options, so I uninstalled it.


I enjoy the lightshow too much to just display a static light if thats the only way to dim the lighting. I am very confused why there is not a brightness slider when there is speed slider. It doesnt seem to make sense it is not in ICUE.

Is there something Im missing? Its a new program to me so I could be overlooking something. The LL's are some beautiful fans to watch but I prefer not using sunglasses to do so LOL!

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Yes, iCUE is controlling the lighting so go to the Settings for iCUE (top menu, all the way to the right), click on the device, move the brightness slider down. For any effect that allows you to choose colors, you can also adjust color specific brightness by turning the slider wheel down to reduce RGB value.


iCUE is the replacement for Link. There isn’t any reason to run both unless you have one of two or three legacy devices that are not supported.

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