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M65 Pro RGB Box says 8 programmable buttons.


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Edit: Found a solution to the issues with this mouse. The issues for me were not being able to rebind left click and using profile switching on the same button was automatically switching back to same profile due to press and release activating profile switch.


For instance if i had profile1 and profile2 using the back button on both profiles to switch between them, when i pressed back it would change to profile2 but then change back immediately to profile1 becauce the profile switch was on the same button.


Soo as for the fix. go to http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=138472 download the CUE 2.4.66 and install after uninstalling the other version.


When configuring the left click for macros or remap, have another mouse plugged as the button edit is instant and you will lose control of your mouse breifly.


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found a solution
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Soo when i purchased my corsair RGB pro mouse, i saw clearly stated on the box 8 reprogrammable buttons.


After downloading the software, it seems ive been mislead.

There are not 8 reprogrammable buttons, it's 7. The software does not let me rebind the left click like the advertisements of features on the box clearly states i can.


Can we have a fix please? I asked months ago for the same thing,

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Im also having issues with Icue software but because i cant remap my buttons when the box said i could... This is just unfair guys, i bought this mouse for it's features not to stop paper from blowing off my desk.


i've contacted retailers in my area selling this device (Corsair RGB Pro mouse) and told them of the misleading information on the box of the mouse.


All these mice should be recalled. The features advertised are not present. I can't sell magic beans that cure cancer and not expect to have legal repercussions.

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