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ICue instantly crashing


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Hi all,


My searching in frustration, hence the user name, have brought me here so I hope to find some assistance.


I have had the H100i CPU cooler for some time now. I couldn't tell you what prompted me to attempt to tinker with the fan curve but I went to open up Corsair Link. This prompted me that the H100i is controlled through ICue.


I downloaded the latest version from the Corsair official download page.

It installed without any issue but I cannot get the program to launch without instantly crashing. No information comes up on the program itself.


I have read through probably a dozen threads on here ranging back to the release of ICue itself attempting different fixes. Nothing has prevailed so far.


I even found an older release of ICue but that failed just the same.


Win 10 Pro if that helps.





Edit: Another day, still functioning after removal of Link.

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you need to have link not installed or it simply wont work right, they are incompatible and icue cannot be installed alongside link as far as i know


Not true. Link yields control to iCue when it's installed and they do play nice together.


OP: do you have any other devices that iCue is controlling that Link can't control? Do you have crash logs? (hint: look in event viewer.) Are you running any other monitor software? How about Duet Display (to view iOS devices)?

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One other device. K63 wireless keyboard.


I do not have crash logs but I will try to find them.


I have HWMonitor and CPUZ installed if this is what you mean by monitor software.


I do not have Duet.


BUT oddly enough after removing Link, shutting down, then installing ICue. My first attempt was installed prior to shutdown. It is now working if I right click in the tray and select "bring to foreground". So problem solved? Maybe.

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DevBiker thanks for the correction above, at OP, when he said monitoring, yes CPUZ as I understand it has/had a problem with a certain DLL alongside iCue (I believe CPUIDSDK.dll in the corsair directory) that caused issues when both are active? Some suggest renaming the DLL.


Seems relevant as well:





That said, please update if the current situation remains ameliorated without any further action?

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