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I went ahead and did it...


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After to saying to a few peeps on this forum that the storage within the Corsair One Pro is more than sufficient, and argued that these machines don't really need a second HDD...


I've gone and added a second HDD.


Why? It's all down to how I use the machine when creating 3D models, rendering and just needing an extra terabyte of storage to manage things. The hard-drive gets slammed when I render animation - and whilst it's doing that, I like to be able to use the machine for mundane things like browsing, emails, game-play etc, etc.


It's not a flaw in the design of the One or anything like that. It's how I personally work. I have a One Pro that came preinstalled with a 500GB M.2 drive and 2 TB HDD. Personally that's more than enough for storage.


It's just that annoying thing where 3DS Max takes over the hard-drive. So, I've compromised and stuck a second HDD in the spare drive bay at the base of the machine. Amazon were/are having a sale on the 2.5" Seagate BarraCuda Drives, and took advantage to get a 1TB drive at a decent price, I didn't forget I'd need a data cable, so sprung for a 12" one (seriously, if you decide to do this, get a 12" cable).


Installation is easy: Power cable is already in place, you just have to plug in the data cable on the motherboard, thread it through, plug everything into the drive and snap it into the bay.


And here's where the point of all this is going: Corsair could have made this a harder job. They didn't. They have made it easy to swap out the HDDs - or even add a second one if you need it. So a massive big thank you from this user for that :D:

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I think it's fantastic that you CAN mod these beauties. Not that I ever thought I would... lol


Everything plugged in easy, and Link is reporting on the additional drive.



Hi MadHatch, this is great to hear! I'm glad that you were able to add the drive easily and you were well on your way to continue using your system.


For who are interested, you can also refer here for some instructions:



Whilst those instructions are good, they don't cover that many of us have units that have an M.2 boot drive (on the back of the MB) and only a single HDD in the as-you-buy-it-configuration. I think they should be updated to include those facts as well a video for how to install a second HDD in the unit for the non-computer savy.

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I'm also curious about this as I purchased C1 Elite model with the 1TB M.2 and no additional drive. Does it still come with cables and mount for the additional HDD?


Watch the following video: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/corsair-one-upgrade < this will show you how to access the inside - and which side to open up to get to the drives. You should find that there are two bays for HDDs (as shown in the video), both of which will be empty. I cannot attest to whether you will already have power cables in places for both. My C1 had both an M.2 installed and a HDD (C1 Pro model) - the HDD was installed in the mid-case position, leaving the bottom bay empty.


When I first had a look, I noted that there was already a power cable in place for an additional drive in the bottom bay, but no data cable. It's likely going to be the same for you - power cables will be in place, but no data cables. I can't promise you that with your model, so do check first.


This is the data cable I got: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006K260T2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I don't know where you are in the world, but I would imagine you would be able to find the same cable (or similar) from Amazon/or where ever you are. I would recommend getting two 12" ones - even though the mid-case bay is closer to the SATA data ports on the mother board (which are next to the two memory DIMMs near the top), you are going to want the freedom to thread the cables around so they are not in the way of everything.


Providing power cables are in place, plug the data cables in to the motherboard. Take your time, rest the case on it's side, have the innards well lit - the ports are marked SATA1 and SATA2. Things are very tightly packed in the case. Do a dry fit, make sure you know what you are doing before you do it.


I found that the mid-case bay, the HDD clips in with the cable ports facing outwards towards the side of the C1. With the bottom bay, the HDD clips I sideways, so the cable ports will end up facing towards the front of the C1.


The C1 Elite makes use of a different motherboard to the C1 Pro I think, because of the different chipset. But both are MSI I believe. Have a good look inside first!

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