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WinLock key issues

Dingo Dash

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Hello everyone, I'll try to explain my problem in the shortest way possible.


I begun to use my Strafe RGB almost a year ago and never notice anything weird since, maybe, the last firmware update. I configured WinLock butto to turn from red into absolutely blue while pressed, saving it in the keyboard memory. But if I close iCUe or lock my computer or use this keyboard on another computer, this damn button turns yellow for no reason and it really annoying!

Tryied to solve this by reflashing the firmware and wipping and reinstalling iCUE with no success, even under the guidance of the Corsair assistance.


Asked for RMA which was accepted but since I bought it on Amazon, they shipped me another RGB Strafe for free today (with the latest firmware, mean 2.05 preinstalled), and on Monday I have to return the one which was assumed as "defective", also for free.


So in the meanwhile I have the possibility, just for a weekend, to enjoy and test both the used and the new keyboards which leds configuration work exactly the same way. So I can assume, right now, that is a firmware issue, and not a malfunctioning hardware or iCUE software.


At this point, anyone who knows iCUE well would say: "Hey, but only static illumination is saved on it, not switch-color-function!", then my personal answer could be; "Then why the color doesn't go off or turns into stock red instead of switching into yellow? And why, if i press it again, it actually turns into blue?


Has anyone an answer or a link to a repo with older version of this keyboard firmware? Or a fix for this issue?

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