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3200 XLPT rev 1.2 won't OC

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Well he problem is that I've just bought a twinx 2x512 xms3200 XLPT rev1.2, obviously with TCCD chips.... I cant make them work at 245mhz 1T at any timings at any vdimm.... I dont know whats the problem, I have tried evrything possible, all voltajes, all timmings, everything.... sometimes it loads winXP but just before the usr name appears, a blue screen appears (not the blue screen that appears for the lack of voltaje)...


my computer specs:

GA-K8NS pro (BIOS F9 (last one)

A64 3000+ Newcastle REV DH7-CG@ 2.45ghz (245*10 at 1.6vcore)

corsair twinx 2x512 xms3200 XLPT rev1.2

MSI 6800 ultra

HD Seagate 120gb SATA

TT butterfly 480w


thank u so much, by3


pd: if I wrote something wrong, I apologize, im from Argentina :p: (meaning, i speak spanish)

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