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HS60 White Noise in Left Headphone


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I have had the HS60 headset for around a week and a half now. I absolutely love it, it fits great and the audio quality is really nice. However, an issue has popped up just yesterday and it's been horribly frustrating.


The left headphone receives a small amount of 'white noise' whenever another sound is playing. This is most noticeable when I receive a Discord notification or test Windows' volume using the sound mixer. The right headphone does not have this issue at all.


Things I've tried:

-Muting the microphone through hardware, or removing it altogether

-Restarting my PC

-Using a different USB slot

-Using the headphone jack instead of USB adapter

-Uninstalling ICUE

-Uninstalling and reinstalling the headset's drivers through Device Manager

-Adjusting my system volume (It's at 75%, but the static persists even as low as 40%, and below that I believe it's still there but too quiet to fully tell)

-Switching audio quality through Windows' properties box

-Disabling AGC through Windows' properties box


This is greatly frustrating. I'm beginning to think I'm experiencing a hardware issue, which wouldn't be that surprising since I already had to exchange my HS50 due to generally shoddy build quality. It's a real shame, the HS60 is a great headset and if not for this it'd be perfect.


If anyone has any tips or is experiencing the same thing, let me know.


Thank you for your time.

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When I have the headset connected but no sounds playing i hear a slight static in the left ear only. If i play a video or gameand pause it the static is quieter then a second or two later it gets louder and stays that way till i play the sounds/video again. I've tried different ports on the computer for the receiver. I've tried different computers all together. But its really bugging me and im not sure what to do.


I just bought on Amazon.com. I tried reinstalling firmware for headset.

When I plugged in the charger the sound comes more from the right side.

Headset's volume level does not affect static noise. Please help me...

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  • Corsair Employees

Try turning down sidetone in iCUE. Also, check your audio balance in Windows to ensure its not just weird volume control: https://www.techulator.com/resources/3128-How-adjust-balance-between-left-right.aspx


Worst comes to worse, the headset is picking up interference from the wires. That's not normal though. The most likely cause will tend to be the mic picking up interference. If you're using the analog, its not entirely impossible that static gets picked up just from the live signal from the port either.


Try the above and report back. We'll see if it's a hardware failure of some kind. If it is, the headset has a 2 year warranty and we can definitely help.

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