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Are iCUE macros affected by Windows 1809? Timing issue?


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I've recently updated Windows to version 1809 Build 17760 (I was in version 1803 Build 17134.285 before, and iCUE version was the same before and after 1809), and after that, a macro I use daily to automate a process inside an application doesn't work as intended anymore.


This macro has 280 events, and something goes wrong past the half part, I think: it's a repeatable problem, happening in every execution


By doesn't work as intended I mean at some point, some keys aren't registered in time, an so the action didn't complete. It's like something is going out of sync...maybe a timing issue....


Unfortunatelly, I don't know if there's a way to debug the situation (outside from setting scrolllock pressings in the middle of the macro and watch the scrolllock led in the keyboard) in iCUE: is there a way to see keys being pressed in real time inside iCUE? That would be very useful!


Can anyone that has also updated to version 1809 confirm if macros are working as before?


Edit: just updated iCUE to 3.7.99: same problem

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Send me the profile (attach it here) and I can test it.

Thanks, James! Profile attached. I use a K95 Platinum, and the PLAY multimedia key to run the macro.


Just reverted to Windows 1803, and the macro is working fine.




Some new information: actually, when I updated NVIDIA drivers to 411.63, the problem started to happen in Windows version 1803 as well.


It might be the application (I've made the macro for) was behaving differently due to new drivers. Anyway, if you could test it under 411.63 drivers, I'd thank you.

Windows 1809 Build 17760.zip

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