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K70 RGB Rapidfire ingame profiles question


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I have just bought a Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard i had few question about its game detection while I'm ingame does the software detect what video games I'm playing and flash color's accordingly.

I used have Razer Overwatch keyboard it would light the keys automatically of which games I'm currently playing like Overwatch, Diablo 3 i like my abilities and cooldowns.

Also anyoes me it can't remember after rebooting my computer that locked the windows keys

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You have to set this up with your games, although, Metro: Exodus and FC5 have built-in integration. To set this up, open your profile list and select the profile you want to assign. Once it's selected, simply press the 'link profile to program' button and locate your game.


Do keep in mind, customly assigning programs to iCUE profiles does not give you the control of "reactive lighting" (I'm not sure what one would term it), such as turning your keyboard red when you get attacked.

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