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Wrong memory?


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Hi I believe you may have made the same mistake as I did.Does it say somthing like; xms3200v2.1 ?If so the 2.1 is the version number, there is a thread in the FAQ,s that explains it all. As for the compatability in your board I have the same problem as mine is also 2.5 volt and i have been unable to get a deffinitive answer here as to wether it will work .All I can say is I put mine in and it seems to work ok .



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The JEDEC spec for DDR memory is 2.5 volts.


High performance memory modules require a little more power, but all of Corsair's XMS line is garaunteed up to 2.9 volts on the VDimm setting.


Yes, it should still be compatible, but the more aggressive the module, the more likely it will require slightly more voltage.


If your BIOS has the option of increasing the VDimm, I'd put it to 2.65 or 2.7 and see if that helps (if you have a problem in the first place).




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