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Corsair H60 with LL 120 Fan & 1151 Socket


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As for today I have Intel Core i7-4770 CPU (Socket 1150) with Corsair H60 (CWCH60) since 2015.


I'm now upgrading my computer to new system that will have Intel Core i7-8700k (Socket 1151)


My questions are:

1. Will the H60 fit to this new socket? (I assume yes)

2. Is it possible to replace the Fan of the H60 to the LL120 RGB fan? In other words, Is the fans performance the same?


The RGB fan details: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Fans/ml-config/p/CO-9050071-WW

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1) Yes


2) More or less the same. However, be aware even with a single LL fan you will need 1) either a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro to communicate with iCUE/Link; 2) a SATA power RGB Lighting Hub to handle the lighting aspect of the LL fan. Neither of these things are included in a single LL120 fan pack. It's a lot for 1 RGB fan. Once you get into triple packs, then the LNP is included as well as the hub.


8700K is a bit warm no matter your cooler. You will need to manage the H60 well to prevent unnecessary coolant heat build up. You won't have a lot of extra headroom.

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