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Review: Corsair Void Wireless Generic Replacement Earpads


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If anyone is interested, I finally broke down and decided to try some generic brand earpads. I've owned the Void Wireless since it came out almost and the pads are really stretched out. Corsair wants $14.99 + shipping. They're not on their website for order you have to ask them.. stupid. I never wanted to spend the money. I mean a $99 pair of headphones, $15 of that is earpad? Seems unlikely.


But through Amazon I can get them for $1 more, with free 2 day shipping.


I tried the headphones without the earpads because they keep falling off. Their obviously uncomfortable, but they sound like pure garbage. I am now convinced that a lot of the technology is in the earpads. Something magical happens when you put the earpads back on. I'm not saying a $9.99 Wally World headset or a $50 Logitech will sound as good or be as comfortable.


You will definitely need to fool with your EQ settings. What I liked before is totally different now. They are more bass heavy with these new earpads. I had to turn the left side of the EQ way way way down. It's actually in the negatives for me! I am using a combination of two things to set my EQ. First one is a band I've listened to a million times. The second one I feel is a better guage, though.. my friends band whom I've seen live a bunch of times live:





I know how they sound live.


I bought these:




They're a little smaller than the originals. I understand part of the reason is because the originals are stretched out from use. But they seem to be genuinely smaller, have less padding. They're almost as comfortable, however, they do seem to block out external noise better. The material is a little different as well. Not as soft. It's not that hot out today and I haven't worn them much, so I don't know how they will do when I sweat. The Corsair really holds in moisture. Some nights they'd be soaking wet.


I have a problem with my left ear. I'm not sure if it's because I worked in a warehouse today and my ears got dirty or all the noise of the machinery. If you've ever talked while your ears are clogged up and you can hear your voice echo inside your head or something, this is what it sounds like. It could be because of the external noise blocking. I'll know more on that in a few days.


Other than that muffling echo voice when I talk, soundwise I can get them to sound similar to how I think the Corsair Void should sound.


Would I buy these again? Definitely, if I had to. Unfortunately by the time I'm ready for a new pair of earpads I'd probably upgrade the headset.


PS - If anyone from Corsair reads this.. figure out some design to get earpads on easier! Patent that ****. You stretch one part of the earpad around and then the other part slips off. Repeat the process 5 or 6 times until you eventually get it right. It would be nice to see some sort of earpad that has a soft screw that goes in or clip of some sort.. around the outer edge on the side of the speaker.

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