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Vengeance K70 Stopped Working


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First of all my keyboard is 4 years old and has no warranty by now. I just hope to get some technical advice about my problem. I had no problems for the most part. Sometimes my keyboard wasn't responding so I had to re-plug it but this rarely happened and seemed like a trivial glitch. Last Monday I had to unplug the keyboard and when I plugged it back it wasn't working. No lights and no key response.


I learned that you can make a "soft reset" by holding ESC before plugging and releasing it after plugging, in 5 seconds. That doesn't work for me. I tried this solution with different "keyboard modes "1, 2, 4, 8 and BIOS" with no results. One thing I noticed is that sometimes (rarely) after plugging the KB some buttons light up and stay lit or flash. These are: backlight mode key (not the brightness one), windows lock key, num lock and scroll lock. And of course I tried my keyboard on 2 other PCs without results.


USB passthrough works. Tried to run the "K70 Firmware Update Application" but it doesn't detect my keyboard so no go.

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Usually when the indicator lights are flashing it's a failing firmware file. When you tried to run the Firmware updater was the keyboard off the BIOS mode?


YES and NO, I mean, I tried to run the updater in all the modes but it doesn't detect my keyboard and says -"Cannot open USB device, please plug the device into a USB port or reinstall driver"-


Now I'm not even sure if the lights were flashing (don't remember) but sometimes they just stay lit when I plug the keyboard (the one's I pointed out in the original post).


KB is not visible in BIOS btw.

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