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H110 versus h150i Pro


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Dear community


I swapped today my h110 to a brand new h150i Pro.

My CPU is a 5060x oc to 4.2ghz.


I quite disappointed as the idle temperatures are the same between the two coolers= 39/40 degrees.


So few questions here :


- is this idle temperature normal with this type of cooler and CPU?

- can I totally remove the thermal paster coming with the cooler itself and reapply a more performing paste?

- also do I need to apply the paste both on the cpu and the cooler or only the cooler ?




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Obviously you have a fairly low power output at idle, so a contact issue is more likely if this is abnormal. Also make sure you don't have a background program that has gone off the rails and is hogging CPU resources. Both iCUE and Asus Aura have a tendency to do that. Why did you think the idle temp would decrease? All coolers will idle more or less the same since there is little wattage to get rid of. Load is another story.


Yes, you can remove the pre-applied TIM and use whatever you like. I would suggest avoiding liquid metal. It has a tendency to strip the copper plate and obscure the finish on your CPU. Unless the install went badly, you won't grab more than 1-2C from this. You only need to apply the CPU or the pump cold plate. I would recommend the CPU.

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thanks for the reply . In fact I tried ti re-use the same screw to mount the 150 but the cooler was not making any contact on the CPU , or not enough ----------- > first time I booted up I had a cpu thermal error .

After correctly using the shorter screw I am getting more or less the same temperatures under realbench stress cpu than the one I had with the 110i which is quite disappointing to be honest .


Unless I have badly mounted the cooler but I dont think so .


I will try to change the TIM with Grizzly and see how it goes .



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I don't know that you do have a contact issue. It is not uncommon for 5960X or any other 8+ core CPU to run warm at idle, especially if you are not using power saving features (EIST, speedstep, etc.) or make use of the OS High Performance Power plan that keeps cores active.


I still use my H110 on my 5930K that runs at 4.5GHz. That is about 215W at full load and the performance was always good. Love that cooler. Simple, reliable, quiet. Generally speaking, a 360 vs 280mm and high fan speed is going to be more or less the same. However, with the 8 core and professional loads, you might benefit to some degree from the increased pump cycle rate and you should be able to get slightly better (or less noisy cooling) when at moderate and low fan speeds. It is a little hard to make direct comparisons between the two since the H110 doesn't have a coolant temp sensor. If you made detailed records of test conditions and room temp at the time, you might be able to be more precise, but not many people do that. That a look at the H150i Temp (coolant temp) in the cooler panel in iCUE. Note the start/peak temp when at load. I am expecting about +6C, but this is a good way to see if the cooler is functioning efficiently.

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Hello c-attack

Many thanks for your answers .

The coller temp is at 31.5 degree when idle and going up to 40 degrees when at load .

The cpu itself is at around 39 degrees when idel and 71 degrees at load . see picture here https://www.casimages.com/i/180917071125570662.jpg.html

So first question here : are those temp kind of normal ?


Second question , how can be 100% sure the cooler is making good contact with the cpu ?


I have ordered so new TIM (Grizzly) and will see if that makes a diiference but I was clearly expecting a better and greater difference between the H110 and the H150 Pro , honeslty speaking the swap doesnot worth it .




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Based on those temperatures, you are making good contact with the CPU.


And CPU temps on a short load run won't be very different, regardless of the cooler. You can only get the heat away from the cores so fast, especially if you haven't delidded the processor. The larger cooler will exchange heat more efficiently with less fan speed (quieter). Over extended runs (several hours), it will maintain lower coolant temperatures which then will result in better CPU temperatures ... and be quieter while it's at it. Your ambient temperatures (or case temperatures if the cooler is configured as exhaust) will also have a significant impact ... and you've not mentioned your ambient temperature.


Sorry if you were expecting otherwise but you can't get around physics.

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Hi DevBiker,

My ambient temp is around 23 degrees here .

I get your explanation 100% but was expecting better difference betEen the h110 and the h150.


One last question , the h150 pump seems to be more noisy than the h110 , is this normal ?

I am hearing a constant noise , hard to describded but something buzzling non stop .

I am almost sure it comes from the pump itself but not entirely sure.


I will update tou guys when I will have change the TIM on the cooler.


Thanks !

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Yeah, no contact issue. High idle can be a warning, except it would be followed by temp spikes into the 70’s when you open a browser. It would be impossible to run a heavy load for more than 3 seconds.


H110 pump speed = 1500 rpm. H150i = 3000 on Extreme (high). That’s the difference. All pumps are detectable at 3000. Good news is if you drop it to balanced (2100) you shouldn’t hear a thing.


Where is the H150 in your case? Front intake or top exhaust? Same place as the H110?


What kind of load work do you run? I am guessing the twin Ti are not for show and certainly add heat to the case. That will affect coolant temp as well.

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Hello C-attack

The radiator is install at the top of the case and the fans are intaking the air from outside , through the radiator .

I will try the balance mode and also will check if all screw are correctly tight up .


Yeah I agree on the sli of 1080 ti , they do create a lot of heat .


I am currently preparing my next build based on the thermaltake core p5 + waterblock , will see how this goes .


thanks a lot guys , I keep you posted


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So just to confirm , I replace the Corsair provided TIM of the h150 pro with some grizzly TIM and the results are even worse than the TIM provided by Corsair.

I am seeing a +3/4 degrees increase .....


So bottom line , dont replace the TIM provided with the corsair coolers .... it does not worth it .


So now How can I switch the TIM back ? Does someone know where I can find the same TIM that is provided initially ?




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Thermal Grizzly is actually pretty good TIM - and it is better than the Corsair TIM (by 1-2 degress, not substantial). It is, however, a royal b**** to apply correctly, especially if you follow their directions.


I would suggest repasting and using the rice/lentil method to apply, ignoring the directions that come with the Thermal Grizzly. And toss out that bloody painting applicator. And warm it up a bit before applying by putting it in a sealed ziploc baggie and immersing in hot water.

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