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Device disappeared


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I have using ICue without any issues for a few months now. But when I booted today I noticed that my case leds and fan leds were not working anymore. When I look at ICue I can see that the case is no longer listed as a device.


I already uninstalled AURA rgb, repaired ICue, Reinstalled ICue, looked at the USB driver... I did everything that is lised in the FAQ. What else I can do?


My case is the OMEGA-SPEC rgb case. My H115i Pro is still working fine.

I have Windows 10.

I have attached my logs, maybe you guys can see what the problem is? Yesterday it was working fine, today it is not.


Now I am scared that I will damage my system because my fans will not run fast enough?


Thanks for the help!


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The OMEGA-SPEC RGB is a Lighting Node Pro, not a Commander Pro. It won't have any impact on fan speeds - your fan speed connectors are connected to your motherboard, correct?


This is only for the RGB.


A couple of things to try ... restart the Corsair Service. If that doesn't resolve, power the system down and power back up. If still no, take a look in USBDeView (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html) or try reinstalling iCue - it could be that the driver was nerfed by a Windows Update.

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Well, it appears that way when it's not connected.


So ... at this point, I'd double check your USB connection, including the drivers for the actual port. You can also try using a standard micro-USB cable and connect it to a port in the rear panel I/O.


Have you done any updates recently?

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