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LL140 Fans for performance...


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Any objective input would be greatly appreciated!


How well do these fans perform? All posts from other users have said these aren't great for airflow at all and mostly just for the pretty lights. As much as I would like to have pretty lights, I can't justify the cost of performance for it.


I was thinking about buying some for the Evolv X case but if it won't thoroughly push air through that case (which it needs) then I will just have to hope Corsair has something else in play soon or look else where.

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I used 4 120mm Noctua fans (push pull) for years until I upgraded case and AIO to 140mm fans.


I went for a H115i Pro with two extra LL140mm fans at the top.


Performance and noise wise they're at least on par with the noctuas. I think they're a bit quieter since they're 140mm.


I certainly cannot tell the LL fans are in any way inferior to the noctuas. The blades are similar in thickness, the weight of each fan is pretty much what a Noctua is.


I wouldn't be surprised Corsair borrowed some things from the Noctua design to ensure the product is not only for the bling, but also have a solid performance. Great decision, there's nothing worse than a fan that feels like a piece of cheap toy and just relies on the LED bling for sales. (that's the cheap chinese 1 dolar knockoff way)


Temp wise, I can definitely tell the H115i Pro is colder with the extra fans.

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They don't have the airflow that you'll see with other fans - but they don't spin as fast either. RPMs on the LL fans are a bit lower than most other fans that you'll see for sale. That said, at their speeds, they have good airflow. The lower speed keeps them quiet and, tbh, over a certain speed, you really don't get any better performance, just more noise and (perhaps) some level of satisfaction that your system sounds like a 737 getting ready to take off.


For radiators, the MLs are going to be better fans but the difference - except in the most extreme use cases - will be minimal. And there's no reason why you can't have LL/ML in push/pull. It's the mullet of radiator fan configurations - business in the front, party in the back! Actually, this would give you really good airflow with low fan speeds.

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