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I need help for my corsair rgb lighting and how to connect everything

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This is my first post here so am gonna be as quick and to the point as possible so I don't want to waste anyone's time


What I want to do is the following


1. Get all my fan Led to work in the Numeric sync I show In my Picture Below


2. Get my 6x push pull fans to all work as ONE unit (am talking about fan speed here) They all Speed up and all slow down as one at the same time and when needed to cool thinks down


How do I do this?


I have 9 corsair HD 120MM fans + 1x HD140mm fan for exhaust


6x For PULL/PUSH on my H150i Pro RGB

3x TOP mount

1x 140mm on the back


I also made a diagram with a pen and paper while I was at work for EXACTLY what I want




Please HELP how do I connect everything and what do I need to buy so I can get my desired outcome?


Thank you all in advance for your replies.

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I would take a look at the Commander Pro. I think it would have the fan IO you are looking for. You can use it to control up to 6 fans and then the additional 3 off of the H150.


In Icue you can set fans to ramp up and down based off of your cpu temp.


As for the lighting you will have to break it up into 6 fan zones. The fan LED hub only supports 6 fans at a time so you will have to use 2. If you plug the fan hub you want to light up first into channel 1 on the commander. Then the other in channel 2.


This thread is a good resource to see how to wire everything up.


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