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iCUE stuttering issues


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The iCUE is causing stuttering while I'm playing a game. I suspect it's iCUE because everytime I turn my computer off, it gives me a memory error. I'm never fast enough to catch it but it's like a 0x0008560 error of some sort. When I can I'll have my phone ready to take a picture of it. The main things I've tried as far as fixing the issue was:


Clean install of Windows, Disabling legacy usb/xhci, disabling cool and quiet, turning my power options to maximum performance, turning usb selective power options to off, resetting cmos, reverting overclocks, running memtest overnight no errors and reinstalling iCUE.


The problem goes away when I uninstall but I have a K70 Rapidfire and Void Pro and I can't change my rgb effects or equalizer effects without it.

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What version of iCUE are you using?

I'm experiencing a similar "lag/stutter" issue by iCUE in regards to video (just posted about this here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=181153)

If you're able to find an older version of iCUE - like 3.4.95 - I don't have this issue.


The Version is 3.7.99. In games I'll have a lag spike that happens frequently. Some even lasting 1-2 seconds. It's crazy.


EDIT: I'll test the 3.4.95 when I get home.

I'm currently on lunch and cannot test it.

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