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K55 - Assign "G" Keys to OBS Hotkeys


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Hello Forum!


I've done some searching but haven't found an explanation to my problem yet.


I just got a new K55 and really like it so far. One of the reasons I got it, were the extra "G" keys on the left side that I wanted to use to switch between scenes in OBS while streaming without having to use key combos that might be taken in one program or another. (W10, 64bit, OBS Studio 21.1 64bit)


Now, first I tried to set them and the only registered as normal numbers (G1 was the number 1, and so on).

Well - that won't work. Every program and it's mom uses the number 1 as some function or other.


So I install iCUE. Boo.

Don't like extra little programs for every little thing on my PC to begin with - don't enjoy the clutter. Also, it looks like it's trying to imitate Apple and I don't think I have to tell you why that's super not cool.

But I figured I'd give it a go, maybe the keyboard just needs the software so Windows/OBS can recognize the G keys.

Nope! - now it won't even take them as number keys, now nothing shows up! :(


So, hoping someone here has tried to use these really cool extra keys in OBS and knows how I can make that connection! ...please? :)


Thanks in advance everybody!


TL;DR: Want to use my "G" keys on my K55 to switch betweens scenes in OBS easily, but it doesn't register the keys in the hotkeys menu. Halp.

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