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K95 (and other Corsair accessories) Question


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I'm in the process of acquiring parts to put together my first ever gaming PC. I will be using a ton of Corsair parts and peripherals, but my setup is somewhat unique compared to most. This is going to be a living room PC, connected to my 4K TV via HDMI. The PC itself will sit on a table just to the left of my entertainment stand.


The problem is, how do I get my Corsair USB peripherals within reach? The natural solution I came up with was simply to get a 10 ft USB extension cable, run it across the living room (when I'm not using the PC, I'll simply put the cable away) and connect a USB hub to the extension to power my devices. Will this work? I got a really nice deal on a 4 port USB hub, but then something else occurred to me. Will I need the USB hub to be POWERED in order for this to work? I'd prefer the one less cable, but my concern is that all of the RGB lights are going to require more power than a non-powered USB hub can provide. Here is the setup diagram I threw together for reference:



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