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New iCUE versions not working with PUBG?


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I recently updated iCUE to 3.4.x (it might have been .59, but I don't recall) and after doing so my M65 Pro RGB has been having serious, game-breaking issues in PUBG, and occasionally drastically changes position in other games as well (WoW, for example). For PUBG specifically, any movement is a factor slower than it should be (I have confirmed that the DPI is the same in all versions, I'm using 1500) and that there is a hiccup several times in what should be a fluid movement in a 90 degree pan. Trying to draw down on a player is nigh impossible with this kind of input lag. Other games and normal Windows browsing do not have the hiccup, but in some cases in WoW I will be moving along normally and then suddenly my viewpoint has changed to looking straight up at the sky or somesuch, which is quite annoying.


I uninstalled iCUE and went back to an older non-iCUE version that I had downloaded (2.24.35) and the mouse was fluid and not jittery at all. So I have been using that for a week with no issues whatsoever.


Fast forward to last night when I decided to update to 3.7.99, and the problem again exists in PUBG and other games. So the issue is specific to versions of iCUE from 3.4.x onward.


My full Corsair kit-out in iCUE is M65 Pro RBG, K70 LUX RBG (that I still have to occasionally unplug and replug to get to recognize in iCUE, but that's another thread), VOID wireless, and RM650i power supply.


Has anyone else noticed this mouse issue with PUBG recently, and is there a fix or workaround to get it to behave correctly, other than using older versions of CUE that are hard to even find if you haven't downloaded them already?


Edit: Fixed my own problem. Apparently the uninstaller for iCUE is pants and leaves behind a number of artifact files and settings. After deleting the AppData folder and the Corsair folders that were left in Program Files (x86) and reinstalling the program, it works fine.


TL;DR: Shame on your developers, Corsair. They're lazy and don't make proper uninstallers.

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also problem with pubg i got brand new harpoon rgb pro and work with other games fine but when i load pubg the muse is not match with my moves it dose take way longer time to fallow my move rather then a normal muse …. if you guy find anything about it ill be very tankful to share with me

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