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Bad module

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I bought this module pack approx 10 months ago. 2X512 mb sticks of Corsair Value Select equalling 1 gig total. 3 Weeks ago my system would no longer POST. After removing all hardware except cpu, ram and adding a pci video card, it was narrowed down to one stick. I pulled the stick out and now the system would boot fine. Reinstalled stick, no POST, just constant beeping. I cant even run memtest on this module.


Ive contacted tech support via telephone 3 times, all of which send me off to leave a voice mail. I repeated my information, contact number, etc all three times and no one from corsair has contacted me in the last 3 weeks. This sort of tactic really upsets me and i dont think i will continue to buy anymore ram from Corsair as badly as you have dropped the ball on support. I NEED this module replaced ASAP.


module affected is as follows...


VS512MB400 Lot # 0412054-0

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