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ICUE feature request: Profile change based user last input / idle time


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I just bought K70 RGB LUX keyboard and it's a great piece of hardware, but the controlling software (iCUE) was a disappointment :[pouts:


There's a neat lighting effects in the SW, but when I am using computer (gaming, photo editing, video editing and so on) I don't wan't flashing lights to distract me.

Instead it would be nice to make another profile with all the flashing lights and bling bling and set that profile active when there hasn't been user input for user defined time. Now there's that box where I can choose executable which changes the profile when it's running, so there could be selection for idle profile change and time from drop-down menu. That change shouldn't be hard to implement for iCUE because windows provides hooks and other ways to check user idle time.


What do you think about this idea? If this idea gets enough support, then let's hope that corsair listens their customers and make iCUE better.


ps. also it would be nice that after locking (win+l) the computer to password query state iCUE would continue to run those lighting effects.

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