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Hydro Series H100I V2 Coolant Temp


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Hi Guys,


The ambient temperature of my coolant in the Hydro Series H100I V2 in iCue is showing as 55 degrees C and higher under non load.


Reading other posts in the forum I believe that it should be a hell of a lot lower. I'm also seeing the CPU under no load at high 70's as well.


Thing is there's cold air blowing out of the coolers 2 fans, it's not even exhausting hot air.


CPU however is 70C or higher.


Sorry if info is sketchy at best not really sure what to throw your way.


Thanks in Advance



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If your coolant temperature (H100i v2 Temp) is at 55C, something is wrong. Normal ranges are room temperature up to 45C or so. The cold exhaust is a giveaway there is some kind of flow blockage preventing the coolant from dropping heat at the radiator. Contact Corsair Tech Support through the link at the top of the page and start the RMA process. Make sure you detail the 55C coolant and continually rising temps. Also mention the exhaust air is cold at 50C+. That really eliminates all other possibilities.


The only other thing to check is if the unit is getting full power from the motherboard header. Make sure it is disabled/100%/Full speed or however your BIOS describes 12v. However, this is probably not the issue and this sounds like a blockage.

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i have same issue 50.15at times avg 43 coolant


We’ve looked at your situation fairly extensively in the other posts and your warm base room/case temperature has a strong influence on the final number. However, if your coolant reads 50C but it “feels cool” coming off the radiator, we need to revisit the problem. That almost always a serious warning sign.

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