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VOID PRO Wireless w/ST100 Capability/Control


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New to the forum.


This is my first ownership of Corsair products of which I am quite satisfied. However, as all computers and accessories do require tweaks to resolve discovery of issues.


My setup/issues include (for this post) VOID Pro Wireless and ST100 using iCUE in a WIN PRO 10 environment. Firmware for all at latest revisions. BIOS up to date.


The issues are:

There is no balance control for the VOID Pro Wireless in the SOUND applet. All other devices in my setup have balance control including the ST100 (issue: ST100 balance gets L&R reset to equal when volume is lowered to 0 or muted).


VOID PRO Wireless:

Within iCUE there is no balance control that I could find.

Within SOUND applet there is no balance control but ST100 does have balance control.


So...I need balance control as I have some (not all) hearing loss in one ear. Maybe it is my setup or a bug discovery?


I would also note the VOID PRO wireless control can be switched between "Stereo" and "Dolby Headphone" as depicted in iCUE.

My question is according to documentation there should be a "7.1 Surround Sound" selection. Is the Dolby setting to be considered 7.1 Surround?


Dolby Surround (as I typically know it as 5.1 Surround) and 7.1 Surround are different.


To compare VOID Pro to the ST100, it can be switched between Stereo and "7.1 Surround Sound, Surround Headphone" as depicted in iCUE.


Technically, should VOID Pro and ST100 have three settings (stereo, 5.1, 7.1)?


Both devices have 8 channel, 16bit, 48000 assigned to them in Sound applet. No other configuration listed.


Thank you to all in advance for any clarity and/or known fixes to resolve the above.



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I've not seen any balance controls for the Void Pro wireless but you do bring up an interesting point.


And Dolby Surround on the Void is 7.1 Surround. See https://www.dolby.com/us/en/technologies/dolby-surround-7-1.html if you think that "Dolby Surround" doesn't support 7.1 Surround Sound. I assume that this indicates that the Void Pro is Dolby certified/qualified.

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thanks for the replies.


So... Dolby Surround for VOID Pro wireless as depicted will process the source audio, ie. 7.1 or 5.1 as required. Example, if the source is 7.1 channel surround it will process as such. Same for 5.1 channel surround. Stereo as two channel (LR). If only stereo is provided surround will be simulated. Correct?


Does the ST100 work the same way or is all audio source formats simulated to 7.1 surround when selected?


I know I'm not alone wrt balance control. Greatly appreciate developing that function into the next upgrade.


Thanks again!




wrt = with regard to

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