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I am going to break this mouse if this continues


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I have a Corsair Glaive RGB mouse.

It has two side buttons.

One for forward.

One for backward.

Neither work.

This is ever since shortly after I got a k70 mk2.


Corsair Glaive onboard firmware version is v.1.04.

Corsair ICUE version is 3.4.95.

Corsair K70 Mk2 version is 3.12.

Corsair Void version is v39.02.


I have googled the error.

I have found "Solutions" to the problem on this forum.

"Reassign the actions in advanced settings" they said.

This i've done.

I reassigned them.

Still nothing comes from pressing those keys on any of the other profiles.

Why has it suddenly removed the buttons for all profiles after i bought a keyboard?

How can i set the mouse only once to use the forward and backward buttons, for forward and backward, across all profiles including new ones as it comes from factory before a keyboard screws it up?


This is really *really* agitating.

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