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H100i v2 Cooler with RGB Fans and Strips


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Hello there


just finished my first build and I am fairly new so please bear with me and I apologize if this is a stupid question. Just waiting on my H100i v2 cooler but I and I have currently 4 sp120 rgb fans installed in my case along with CL-9011109-WW LED strip plunged into the Lighting Node Pro. Do not really need the ability to manually control the fan speed but ive been told if I want to use and control the rgb on my fans, led strip, and the cooler I would need to buy the commander pro but im reluctant to do so if it is not needed. I could care very little about the lights on the cooler since its so minimal. Would I be able to simply control the LED's and the fan's rgb with the lighting node pro?


Please let me know if im just being stupid with this question

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to add.. no you would not need a Commander Pro to control the cooler... i assume you are controlling the fans RGB through your 460x case buttons?


also note.. you can not use the cooler to control the sp120 rgb fans speeds... they are voltage controlled and the cooler is PWM only,..

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thank you for that link it was very informative.

the way I worded my post was really poor, I did not mean control the cooler, I meant the LED on the cooler which I now realize I can control directly through iCue when plugged into the motherboard.

Yes I do control my rgb from the buttons on my case but in due time I would eventually like to "upgrade" to the LL120 fans (I know I will lose the functionality of the case buttons).


Just to make sure I understand what I read (and if I do get the LL120's in time) if I set my fans and strips up like a combination of these two images



with an rgb hub and LED strips hooking up to the Lighting Node Pro, this would give me control of the RGB of the LL120's and the Pro Strips through Corsair iCue/Link.

and if I wished to control the fan speed, it would need the commander pro like so


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