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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Profile saved


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I'm in the process of buying an RGB keyboard and found Corsair K95 RGB Platinum to be a suitable choice despite the heavy price, however i 1st need to clear a few tiny but important details.


From what i understand there is a custom software that can change the behavior of the keyboard, like macros or the rgb colors. I want to keep things simple, maybe a static single color, nothing fancy, however i am in a dual boot scenario


I have the main OS (windows xp) and then a secondary OS (windows 7), i use windows 7 mainly for a single game, i can access other programs and tools but the bulk is on the windows xp OS, i don't currently use it, but i might.


If i install the Software in windows 7 (i assume it will install), then it will save the profile.

Now i hate programs running in the background, when i turn on my PC, does the software need to be loaded in windows 7 to allow the rgb colors to appear?


My idea is to install the software to configure said keyboard, but then remove the program from starting up unless it is needed, this means i will boot into any of the OS and i'm hoping it will load the right configuration, the right colors and so on.


Also, is there any issues with using this on a Windows XP OS? Like will the keyboard stop working when i load into windows xp?

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