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Need H115i Pro / iCUE Linked Programs by program running, not by focused window.

Sacco Belmonte

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Hi. (sorry for the double post, this is already in "cooling"but figured would better here)


I have arranged some programs to use copies of my "Turbo" preset on my H115i Pro. All program presets neatly put into a folder with their respective program linkage.


Everything works "as expected" namely I can see iCUE switching profiles as I focus on different windows.


The problem is, I would like iCUE to stay at a preset as long as a certain program is running and not base the switching depending on which window is being focused.


Say I want to render videos at near full CPU usage but I wanna continue working on something else, say organizing files in my HDD.


The moment I switch to explorer and work on the HDD iCUE will fall back to my Quiet preset thus effectively preventing the machine from cooling correctly with the given CPU load.


Does anyone knows if I can set iCUE to make a preset persistent as long as a linked app is running?

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I am afraid the answer is "there isn't a way" with the current program. The best I can suggest for what you are doing (I think) is not use the program links and go to a manual control system. Make a folder of the necessary profiles with their speed adjustments. It probably works best with a small number of presets since you will be running through them sequentially. Then in iCUE create an action that profile shuffles between them by keyboard button or mouse click. I am afraid that may be more complicated if you don't have a Corsair keyboard or mouse.


Of course the simplest approach if you know you need to keep it in a specific profile for a while is to drag that one to the top of the list, making it the default profile for any non-linked programs, including Windows explorer. You would then put it back down the list when finished with the render/task etc. While not automated, it is likely the most direct approach with the fewest clicks.

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Hmmm I see.


Another option would be to be able to automatically change preset based on CPU usage. If I set a threshold of say "80% CPU usage for more than 2s" iCUE should switch to Balanced after 2s, if I'm using 90% or more then switch to my Turbo preset. If CPU usage falls below 80% for more than 2s then it should go to Quiet mode. It would aslo be probably cool to see all RGB lights change as iCUE changes profiles.


For now I think the best is to manually switch them. I don't own a Corsair KB or Mouse.


If anyone from the iCUE devs are listening.


If iCUE had a mode to stay at a profile as long as a specific program is running it will be the key to have a truly useful automated system.


I could just open my heavy program and iCUE will pre cool the liquid. When I start rendering the system would then keep itself cooler for longer.


As of now, as I said, to have iCUE change profile based on program focus is only useful when you go in and out a game in a rather hot not optimal PC chassis. My PC runs quiet on 99% of the apps except for those that render high quality 3D images or Video.


Rendering while using the PC for other things is possible by using CPU affinity and with high core count CPUs you don't even feel the PC is working when it comes to multitasking and system response.


So because of that, I'd like to set iCUE to run a Balanced preset as long as Blender is running.

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Anytime you get into a CPU usage % control scheme, there are going to be issues. The newer processors are designed to be rather snappy and my 8700K will use all 6 cores to open Chome - just to make it happen 0.13s faster. I am afraid the days of the smooth scaling CPU have passed.


I am getting a little tired of my program links, but mostly because they are lighting based with universal fan curves for all. Every time I go and out of focus keyboard, MM800, mouse, and case all change. The K95P keyboard makes it easier for me and I can link a "high performance" fan profile to all of my other profiles. 1 button on the keyboard will change to the aggressive fan sets. For you I think that may be the easiest solution, if fan speed is the only variable in need. Make another set of aggressive or higher plateau radiator fan speeds and manually click it on the fan before initiating your run. That might be easier than duplicating a lot of macro or shortcuts, although that can be done quickly as well by copying the whole profile and then altering the copy's fan speeds.

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I understand, but I feel there is a regression.


Manually changing profiles vs a PC that can adjust automatically makes no sense in modern days.


I could make a profile with custom curves, but the RGB animations would stay the same.


Well...not that any of this is a big deal. First world problems. But...

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