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Corsair LINK 4 software causing computer to STAY loud (even after program is closed)


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I recently upgraded some parts of my PC (motherboard, CPU, and RAM) and then overclocked the new CPU and RAM successfully.


Soon after that, I noticed in device management that my Corsair H100 v2 didn't have the proper driver, and I wasn't allowed to update the driver there, so I went to Corsair and downloaded/installed LINK for my system.


Ever since then, whenever I open Corsair LINK 4, my computer gets really loud and stays really loud, even after I close the program.


Currently it sounds perfectly fine, because I haven't opened the software. But my current method of opening video games is first to open up Corsair LINK 4 to enable the Performance profile, because CPU and RAM are overclocked, 4.8 GHz and 3200mhz respectively. This seems a stable overclocking setting for all games I have.


And I have tried setting the profile to Quiet and Balanced, and the computer remains loud.



Thanks for your help.

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Yes, here you go.


This is on Quiet btw.


Edit: I also included a pic of the inside, showing fan placement. The top and side dance are both blowing air out of the case, while the fan at the bottom is blowing air into it.


Edit: Now I'm including a second image. The computer seems to have quieted down now. I had installed a new graphics driver, and then restarted, so perhaps the computer was loud because of that?



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So ... your system is loud because of the coolant temperature (45C). Your coolant is that high when the case is closed because you aren't handling the heat from the GPU very well or because the case top is (possibly) restricting the cooler's exhaust ... or both. The fact that it's quieter when the case is open is very highly indicative of the former.


Do you have any fans in the front for intake?


You also need to make sure that your pump is properly powered (see section B in the Liquid Cooler FAQ).

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Thank you for the response.


Tonight I actually added another fan, in the only remaining spot for a fan. I took a screenshot from the case's user manual (Cooler Master COSMOS 1000), which I found online.


These are the four locations of my fans. The fan on the back and the two fans on the top (connected to CPU liquid cooler) are exhaust. The other two fans, the one next to PSU, and the other just above the HDDs/SSD, are bringing air into the system. Is there another setup you recommend?


In addition, I have a VGA air duct placed in front of graphics card.


Here is a link to my case:




The plastic top of the case is still screwed on. Should I take this off? Will this improve the temperatures? The VGA air duct shouldn't be causing the high temperatures, right?


I'll check Section B now.


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Thank you very much for your help, you didn’t have to help me at all, thank you thank you thank you!


EDIT: I tested a game and GPU temperatures reached 87 C. Is this normal? I'll see how things go tomorrow, and edit this post accordingly.


EDIT 2: Still waiting for the computer to quiet down. Temperature of the H100 is very slowly going down after the demanding game. The graphics card has gone down to 69/70 C.


EDIT 3: This morning my PC started out quiet and stayed quiet awhile, but after 15 minutes maybe, the fans randomly started getting loud again, while I was browsing the internet. Could this be a software issue? Could Corsair LINK ironically be causing this? My computer wasn't making so much noise before I installed the LINK software and drivers, after seeing the exclamation point next to the liquid cooler in Device Management. I was actually only there because I was trying to configure a wireless controller, and trying to fix the liquid cooler driver issue (that wasn't even causing me any issues) started all this.

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That GPU temperature is quite high and you'll be getting throttling on the GPU. Keep in mind that a GPU that's at 87C is going to be dumping VERY hot air into the case ... and then into the cooler. I have a 1080Ti as well but never see temps even hit 80C, even with extended gaming.


And I think that this is your case: http://www.coolermaster.com/service/discontinued-products/cosmos-pure/. If that's the case, you have very, very, very limited air intake. Your case will run with negative pressure - which is why all the dust in the case. I can't speak to what the "VGA Wind Tunnel" will do but it sounds like marketing fluff.


In your case, you may want to try reversing your radiator so that it's intake, even if it's at the top. You'll need to be pretty aggressive with your rear exhaust though so keep that in mind.


Keep in mind that even at idle, the GPU does generate some amount of heat. Granted, it's not as much as if you were gaming but it's also not zero, so it'll have an impact on your case temperatures.

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After going to a nearby PC repair clinic and asking some questions there, I’ve decided against reversing the radiator: that just seems dangerous to have only one exhaust, and for the radiator to be blowing hot air directly onto the CPU.


I am uninstalling Corsair Link. I believe that it is the software because I was not having these issues before downloading the software.


Meh I don’t know what to do... :(


I brought it to the PC clinic to have the guy there look at it

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Uninstalling Link isn't going to fix the issue, it'll only hide it. You didn't have the noise but you absolutely had the heat issue ... you just weren't aware of it. Link cranking up the fans made you aware that something was amiss. If you wanna play the "see no evil, hear no evil" game, that's totally up to you. But 87C on your GPU is way too hot.


Yes, I would absolutely look at a new case. Taking the plastic top off may help (we've seen some case designs "trap" heat in) but it'll be limited.


Finally, right now, you have far more exhaust than you have intake. That's why you have a lot of dust in your system (look up "positive pressure vs negative pressure"). While that isn't the reason for your heat problems, it doesn't help them. And, at this point, reversing the radiator fans to intake won't hurt.

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I heard back from the PC Clinic guy, who said that it probably is a software issue (LINK). He said that there wasn't any problem with the ventilation because it's a big case.


If my graphics card were getting so hot in the past, wouldn't I have run into more issues before I downloaded the software? Like crashing and errors in general? I wasn't having any of those issues.


Hell, I'd even accidentally fallen asleep for just under two hours while a game was on, not paused, and there were no issues when I returned.


When I pick up my computer I'm going to bring this thread to the PC Clinic guy's attention and see if he has any advice in this context.


I do appreciate your advice and I'm keeping it in mind.

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You already said that your GPU hit 87C.

That means its going to thermal throttle. To prevent crashes. You'd be amazed ... overheating doesn't cause many crashes these days. Instead, the components throttle and power down a bit until it cools off.


The only thing that Link is doing is setting your fan curve to go to 100% when the cooler hits 40C. The default fan curve on the cooler doesn't do that. That said, you can write that fan curve to the cooler and you'll see the same behavior.


And just because it's a big case doesn't mean that there isn't a ventilation or cooling issue. Is this PC Clinic the guys that built your system? If so, do you really expect them to tell you "Oh, yeah, we messed up the airflow. So sorry!". Uhhh ... no.


Everything that you've said here and all of the evidence presented point to an airflow issue. Period. The very fact that you open the case and it makes things better indicates that.

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After reinstalling Windows 10 and Corsair Link, my temperatures are fine. I have it running with other things going on and the temperatures are perfectly stable. Notably, I am not overclocking the CPU at present.


Perhaps the problem is entirely the case. Maybe it's not a good case for overlclocking the CPU. I'm going to look into others.

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I ordered this from an official Cougar refurbished vendor on Amazon for $80. This looks like a better case. I won't overclock till I get it.




And no, I built my system. I bought the case from the PC clinic, however, for my previous build, over a year ago. I’m new to overclocking, so I’m learning things as I go along. Turns out that most computer techies don’t approve of overclocking, and they don’t really offer the best advice when it comes to it. Oh well! Something learned!


As for my system, it continues to run smoothly and coolly at default clocks.


New case is on the way, too.

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