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This RMA is a joke


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I've open a ticket (id number 754318) for a faulty h100i gtx 2 months ago. You received my package on 30th july and i'm still waiting for my replacement. After contacting your live chat several times an operator told me that Corsair shipped it but "FORGOT" to send me the tracking number. The problem is i've never received it and its now lost somewhere in ciampino. I mean, you are responsible for the shipment just like the costumers are when they send a faulty piece back to you. Sort this out cause in 2018 its UNACCETTABLE to make people wait for months after a standard RMA not mentioning all the time i have to waste to contact your support or live chat, i've been a long time Corsair customer but i can tell i'll never and ever buy anymore not even a plug from your company.
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