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1 stick of dual-channel pair went bad


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I purchased a 1gb dual-channel kit (2 x CMX512-3200C2PT) from zipzoomfly.com exactly 34 days ago...unfortunately. They have been running just fine in my Shuttle sn95g5 since I received & tested them. Upon receipt, I ran Memtest86 overnight (8 passes, I believe) with no errors, at stock latency (3-3-3-8).


This morning, my PC just shut down without warning, and would not boot again. Would not even post...just blank screen. I reset the bios, loaded fail-safe defaults, and still would not post. I pulled both modules, returned one to DIMM1 and it booted! I shut down, pulled that module & replaced with the other, and the problem reappeared. Machine would not post...blank screen. I removed it, replaced it with the one that worked....and voila! It works.


So...could you provide an RMA#? I would like to return both modules to ensure that my replacement parts have been tested in dual-channel mode.



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