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H80i pump no RPM


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Not if it's an electrical failure, which seems highly likely. You could try plugging the power line to a different header and make sure the mobo fan control is disabled/100%/full speed or however your board describes. I am afraid other than that, there isn't much else to try.


These days, you pretty much need to have a back-up cooling device on hand if your primary is an AIO and you can't afford to be down for 2 weeks. That's a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but then so is not being able to turn your PC on for two weeks. I used to keep an inexpensive air tower on hand for this kind of thing, but as DRAM got tall and heatsinks got large, putting that thing in became a 3 hour job with full case disassembly. I keep another AIO in a box as a back up now. That would be one option to consider: buy something new you want and keep the RMA H80i v2 as the back-up. You could also get by on a cheap and simple air cooling device.

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