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iCUE & H100 Pro - Not Saving Static Effects to Device


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Hello everyone, I'm new around here. I recently bought a H100i Pro RGB (correction from the title) cooler for my build, which I believe you can see in my signature.


It works great and is a beauty to behold, except that I can't figure out for the life of me how to get it to save the static color to the device.


I know where the 'Save static lighting and performance to Device' Button is and have used it multiple times to no avail. Basically, the moment I hit the power/restart button in Windows 10, the H100 Pro goes back to Rainbow mode.


The fan settings, however, are remembered, so that's nice. But basically, on boot and on restart, it forgets the static color I assigned to it, and only regains the color when I log back into windows, and iCue opens up.


Is there a workaround to this? Or is there something I'm missing?


Other things I've tried:

1. Uninstalling and restarting, reinstalling iCue, restarting, no change

2. Downloading an older version of iCue but that didn't even open

3. Tried using Corsair Link 4 with iCue uninstalled, but Corsair Link wouldn't even see the Pump

4. Looking for that mysterious pref file that you're supposed to switch to read only.. but that doesn't exist anymore.


Thanks in advance! :biggrin:

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Hello everyone

So i actually solved my problem with the help of another post on the forums.

Uninstalling iCue and installing Link 4 worked and now my cooler saves the RGB functions on shut down.


Thank you TheKDub!!

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Sadly, the “save to the device” function in iCUE refers to the fan curve setting only. As you discovered, the prior version of the software Link is capable and so is the hardware. However, don’t reinstall iCUE and think the color will stick. iCUE will deliberately cover over the top with a rainbow. There was some question if making this work in iCUE was possible, but Corsair recently revealed getting this to work is not a priority. I did the same as you, but later moved to iCUE. I often get a glimpse of my plain white pump before the program and service overwrite it with rainbow. Seems unnecessary. Be aware this applies to HD and ML fans as well. They can maintain simple color pattern with Link in control but are completely software dependent if iCUE is on board.
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Thanks for the response, c-attack. Yeah, this is unfortunate, and as I'm still within my return window, I might return it after all, as to me that is a dealbreaker for the extra cost it is over a similar EVGA CLC280, for example. It's currently $20 more than the EVGA cooler, which according to all online reviews, performs just as well if not better.


What do you think I should do? Would you have returned it, if you were still in your return window?

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I don't know enough about the quirks of the other coolers to recommend a path. They may do the same thing. You will need to dig into their forums and see. I can confirm NZXT coolers need their CAM software running at all time to function and it, like some other programs, is not compatible with other monitoring software.


There is hope Corsair will fix this and there has been some progress. On the earlier iCUE versions, my PRO pump always went rainbow from start to finish. Since iCUE 3.5, it does reveal the saved white ring on cold boot. Unfortunately, that does not hold true when exiting the program and fan/pump lighting usually freezes at that point. I am hopeful that Corsair will eventually figure out this is a needed and expected feature. I lot of us bought specific fans and hardware to be able to run the lighting without Link active. Then iCUE turned the tables over. I don't know what people felt toward rainbows before, but it has become the symbol of dysfunction. A case full of rainbow spiral means iCUE has frozen/failed/locked/crashed and the frequency of this through the iCUE adaptation process has created an ill association. It would probably be in everyone's interest to put the controls back into the hands of the users and provide the same level of control available in the previous software.

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