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Docking station not recognising/powering Void Pro


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My headset Corsair Void Pro USB isn't recognised / no power when connected to a Dell docking station. The headset however does work when connected directly to the laptop.


I'm getting an error 'USB composite device' in Windows device manager. All drivers for both the docking station and the headset are up to date + Corsair utility engine is installed. The docking station works with other headsets just not the corsair one...


Any ideas of how to fix this issue? Thanks!:biggrin:

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Hey GeoGoo, this is strange one. I use a docking station for a Dell as well and have no issues connecting the headset via the station's ports or directly to the laptop. If you the headset works on the laptop as well, we can only assume it's something with the docking station. Can you see if it may have incorrectly installed the drivers for the headset when connected to the dock?


You might be able to uninstall any drivers for the dock and reinstall them so it's recognized anew.

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