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Confused about timings for dual channel


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I thought that was the case. I am going to leave it at 3-3-3-8 for the time being as I want a stable system and I've had a lot of problems with this build (I just RMA'd 2GB of memory from another vendor).


I'm planning to add another identical pair of DIMMs in a few weeks, once I'm confident about the stability of my system, what should I set the parameters to, as there seems to be some talk on here of increasing latency timings when running dual channel and all 4 slots populated?


Or should I try 2-3-3-6 and hammer it with Memtest86?


I'm not a gamer, but I need a powerful system for Photoshop, so I guess I'm more interested in stability than ultimate performance. On the other hand it seems daft to pay a premium for good quality components and then not use them.


Just to let you know the system is:


Abit AS8-V

Pentium 4 540 - stock cooler

2x 512MB Corsair CL2

Matrox G450 dual head

Adaptec 2940UW SCSI host adapter

Antec 550W Truepower

Maxtor 80GB SATA

Maxtor 300GB SATA

Maxtor 200GB PATA

Compaq external 35/70 DLT

Inwin full tower with 80mm & 120mm rear exhaust fans, 120mm side and 80mm front inlet fans


Thanks again


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