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Hey all,


I just bought a K70 RGB MK2 SE and got the iCUE software.

It's my first Corsair product and anything like this.

I originally bought it because I wanted to be able to type right hand keys with my left hand

For example CAPS+F would type J, CAPS+R would type U, etc..

Apparently I can't do this...

I can make the most complex macros and keypresses, mouse movements, and buttons to ONE KEY but not a COMBINATION of keys.


The workaround I discovered was creating a second profile named Right Half, where I remapped left keys to their mirrored right hand counterpart, then assigned the CAPS key to switch to it when held. It's not perfect because it takes a second to switch back and forth.


My other question is about the onboard HW profiles. I understand HW1 is the default when iCUE isn't running, but how am I able to switch between HW profiles without iCUE? Or am I able to set one as default vs the other?


For $170 this keyboard/software suite doesn't seem intuitive at all.

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