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Why Is My Mouse Doing This All The Sudden?


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Since the past two weeks, my mouse has been randomly jumping in DPI. For whatever reason, I do not know. A quick temporary solution is to unplug my mouse USB then replug it back in to my computer. I've tried multiple slots, and still the same. I've done research on this issue, and seen one post but it has not been resolved for that individual.


I looked into the cue program itself and noticed a red triangle next to the mouse icon. I do not know what this means. I attempted to scroll over the icon but no indication on the meaning of it appeared. I looked up what it could possibly mean, and seen no source or helpful information online. If anyone has any idea as to what could possibly be the issue, please let me know. The keyboard that I am using is the K70 Strafe RGB in case that even matters. all my PC specs are listed within my profile for anyone that is curious in case that also matters with my problem


I can't go 20min in any game that I play without my mouse messing up, and if this is a program issue with cue, please come out with an update! D: I've had similar issues with razer, but they're just notorious for their products breaking down over time. This is why I converted to Corsair. I've owned the mouse for a little over a year now without any issues at all. And because of that I thank all the development team for their hard work for grade A production.


Please provide a fast response whether it's from the community or a dev!


- Thank You

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