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H150I pro Temp


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Hello community. I have a question about the temps for my H150 I.

At idle It's 29 C and 100% load running real bench is 55 to 58c Per ICUE

The pump speed is at 2800 rpm and all three fans are at 800 rpm

Ambient temp is 21c


I know the temps are safe .

I'm not sure if the artic silver 5 paste is till okay had it for 3 years

Also I tried thermal grizzly kryonaut ceramic paste, which was more difficult to spread and had the same temps.


With the AS 5, i put some on the cpu and spread it out thin and tinted up the cooler block with a small dab, total amount i used was about the size of a grain of cooked rice


Are my these temps pretty good

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I know what you mean C-attack (put the pc in the freezer, Hi)

What i am asking is can i get the temps any cooler than what they are.

Probably not and that's okay.

Before i had this new cooler, had been using a H75 single 120 mm rad with an SP120 fan running full speed and the cooling was good.


That's why i wondered about this triple 120 mm rad as far

not sure what to expect temp wise

Thank you again C-attack

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The place to look is the H150i Temp (or coolant temperature). Most people will idle around 4-7C above their room temp. This is largely dependent on BIOS/OS power settings (C-states, EIST, etc), resting voltage, and then case design. I assume most people are not willing to max their fans out at idle to shave off 1-2C in coolant/CPU temp.


At load, I would expect a +5-6C rise in coolant temp when stress testing at 100% load (15min). This is the value that can be lessened or attacked through fan speed. You can try setting them up to that ~1500 rpm max and see how much you can take off the coolant. My guess is not more than 1-2C which translates into -1 to -2C on the CPU. Probably a bad trade, but I am sure you can figure that out. With a 360mm radiator, there likely isn't another placement option, although given your values I would not be looking to move it anyway. That's all you can do with the cooler.


Everything else you have to go after through BIOS voltage, VRM, input voltage or TIM. I don't think AC5 is my favorite, but as you've seen chasing reductions through TIM changes is a bit elusive. I will advise you stay away from liquid metal unless you really don't care about the cooler. Those tend to strip the finish off the cold plate and muddy the CPU within a few weeks. No performance degradation, but it doesn't look pretty and most people might be upset to tarnish their new cooler.


The real advantage to using these large 280mm, 360mm+ coolers is you can get really good temps with low to moderate fan speeds. You likely needed to keep the H75 fan turning pretty fast. With a 360mm, you can let those 3x120 sit there a slowly turn all day and it makes no difference and little noise. That is the value in the larger models. Very few of us run the 12-16 core processors what might actually push the thermal capacity of one.

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