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H115i pro no RGB lighting


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Hi all first post, been searching forums for a while cant find a fix for my particular problem, just built the system a couple days ago, when i first plugged everything in the cooler came on for about 10 seconds, flickered and was dim, the cooler pump works i can feel the vibration in the lines and im getting CPU temps around 30 degree C, havent installed a GPU yet, using onboard graphics at the moment (GPU prices and RTX release) but PC posted first try and i had the dim/flicker, im using commander Pro for my 4 sp120 fans on my 570x case, and i have 1 ML140 (because of fitment vs. mobo, top mount) on the radiator plugged into my CPU fan port on maximus x hero wifi/ac, the other plugs are set on a usb, aio control, and cpu opt, the 2 4 pin fan connections are tucked away not plugged into anything, my issue is no RGB lighting on the block. link and icue are installed and im able to control the fan speed and RGB one my 4 sp120s. motherboard doesn't recognize the h115i either. all help is greatly appreciated. :biggrin:
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