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Corsair Lighting node problems with Carbide RGB Newegg edition

Violet Gravity

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I'll try to keep it short



^small video of the problem


Bought Corsair Spec Omega RGB Newegg edition like a week ago


Newegg edition comes with 4x LL120 fans instead of the default ones


iCue picks it up

"Hmmm strange, no lighting control for fans, guess I'll force update to the node and maybe it will" WARNING IF INTERRUPTED YOU ARE FUGGD "w/e who would cancel an updat:sunglassee"


24 hours pass and it's still at 0%

"maybe it never started, o well:sunglasse"

turns off computer


fans don't light up, case itself stuck on generic rbg static

iCue makes it show up as red, case is angry


I should probably fix this :thinking:

ehh maybe tomorrow


help, ty

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