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Upgrading cpu motherboard


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I have the corsair one 7700k with the msi carbon motherboard (default). But I need more cores. I was wanting to just buy a newer msi carbon z370 motherboard and i7 8700k. If I do this is there any road block or difficulties I might run into? Obviously I'd lose windows 10 home edition and the SSD drive as I heard it's combined in the motherboard and not removable.


Ultimate goal is to turn it into a 6+ core cpu, 2080 rtx in 2 months.

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Hi rolemodel,


Small Form Factor PCs of any description are limited almost exclusively by the fact that the entire system is built around the size and orientation of the specific components; rather than the specs therein.


I'm not saying that it's impossible to upgrade it in this fashion, however I can't make any guarantees with regards to any potential components fitting inside.




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