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Keep stuck constantly, unusable keyboard


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I just bought a k63 wireless keyboard 2 days ago.

First day I use it through wire, seems work but no any response to any key after about an hour. Until I unplug, power off, and back on. It works.


I remember I have face this bug before I bought this at the showcase retail shop, any key is no response(even light button, FN F9), and that sales just unplug, restart and plug and it works again.


I guess this critical bug has been reveal and quickly fix by a mature company.

I just updated to v1.02, it ALWAYS STUCK after a time within 10 seconds to couple minutes.


Here to clarify "stuck" means the keyboard totally paused, I have apply a visor effect to it, it stop at the position when it stuck, and until I reboot keyboard.

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My K63 gets stuck if I'm pressing keys while its switching from wired to wireless mode.. For example: while in wired mode and pressing FN+F10/bluetooth, if I press any keys while its transitioning to bluetooth, the keyboard can lockup. Same thing happens from wired to wireless (2.4ghz). The only work around I've found is to completely disconnect and turn off the keyboard from the pc.


For those wondering what devices I'm using:

PC - wired

Android Phone: Bluetooth

Laptop: 2.4ghz

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