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Corsair One Pro Repeated GPU Radial Fan Whirring Noise Issues


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I bought a Corsair One Pro back in April this year (2018-04-21), and at the time of arrival I had some pretty severe buzzing / whirring noise from the left side of my unit. The noise was, even when the system was at idle, louder than the noise from the top fan at its max setting in Corsair Link.


After reading some on the forum as well as a few reviews, I came to the conclusion that this was not intended, and I started a ticket at 2018-05-04. After a bit of back and forth, and showing a video showcasing the same issue ([ame]https://youtu.be/I-HxDfIJN5w[/ame], also featured in the following thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=175214) I was told that my unit was eligable for repair or advanced replacement.


I decided to go with the advanced replacement route, and on 2018-05-11 I was called by the carrier as they intended to pick up my original unit that day. At that time, I had as of yet not received my advanced replacement, and I told the carrier that I would call them back to arrange pickup. I sent a message in my ticket to inquire about the status of my advanced replacement.


I received a response to my latest message at 2018-05-16, asking me to send back the original unit so they could release the hold on my funds. At that date, I had as of yet not seen a trace of the advanced replacement, and I told the support agent handling my ticket that again. After that, I received the tracking information for my advanced replacement unit.


At 2018-05-18, I received my advanced replacement, but that unit displayed the same issue. I promptly said as messaged the support agent in the ticket, informing of the issue. At this time I opened up both the replacement and the original unit, and localized the issue to the blower fan on the GPU of both units. The noise could immediately be stopped by gently stopping the fan, or by powering off the unit, as the fan only produced noise while being under power, the leftover rotational force for the fan after powering the unit off left it running for a while without any buzzing / whirring being produced.


At 2018-05-20 I provided pictures showing the location of the issue, both on the old and the replacement unit, and videos showcasing the issue on my new unit. The old unit was packed for return, and pickup was booked for 2018-05-21.


At 2018-05-21, the original unit was picked up by the carrier and started heading back for the RMA department.


On 2018-05-24, the original unit had been returned to the RMA department, but I had received no response to the fact that the replacement unit displayed the same issue since 2018-05-18. At this time, I asked if it would be possible to send the new unit back for repairs to be sure that the issue would be resolved.


Finally, on 2018-05-28 a new representative reached out and apologized for the delay, and told me that my new unit had been authorized for repair, and that I would receive a label and box for the return shortly,


On 2018-05-29, I received the label and once the box had been received the unit was packed and sent off.


On 2018-06-12 the unit was delivered back to me again, and on 2018-06-13 I received an email stating that the repair/refurbishment had been completed.


As I would be heading out of the country for a almost 3 months for work just a few days later, I didn't have much time to inspect the system, I just unpacked the box and started the unit up.


Unofrtunetely, I once again came to the realisation that the issue had not been corrected, it was as if my unit had not been touched when it was repaired, or else something had been replaced but no inspection had been made to assure that the issue was resolved.


I resolved that I would try to get the issue resolved once I returned back home, and thus here we are.


As I have seen more than 1 user reporting the same issue here on the forum, I've been through 1 advanced replacement and now I've also had 1 unsuccesfull repair, I am wondering if a true solution to the blower fan buzzing / whirring issue has been found?


Is it even worth starting another ticket for the issue, or will I just end up going through the same chain of events again, ending back up with another unit that has the same issue, or another unsucessfull repair?


I really want to love the Corsair One, as a concept it is great and I know that there are plenty of happy users (unhappy users are always louder than the happy ones, I know that very well), but as it stands I'm sadly having a very hard time enjoying my unit as I have to turn it off as soon as possible, or having to wear headphones to drown out the whirring noise.


Best regards.

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