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icue profile switching + edge full screen video


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I just encountered a very odd bug. I was playing wow, using the wow profile I made for my scimitar, no problems. I launched Edge on my second monitor to watch a show on Discovery channel's website (I can't log in to Discovery on my regular browsers, no need to laugh/comment at the use of Edge~), and popped the video into full screen. At that point, iCue would *not* use any profiles except default. It won't switch, manually or otherwise, while Edge has a full screen video up. Restarting iCue will fix it...until I tab back to the full screen video in Edge, and it stays broken again until I exit and relaunch iCue. It's fine if the video is not full screen.


Latest public version of iCue.


Not sure what additional information would help on this issue? I thought this was incredibly odd. I'm not sure what format/container Discovery channel's videos are, in case that matters, so I've mentioned what site triggered this issue.


Has anyone else experienced this or found a work around/solution? It's just a minor annoyance, but one I found very strange.

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