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Streaming options from the ONE


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Hi all Corsair owners,


As I am planning my way to get an corsair for gaming and video streaming, I wish to know a little more on video streaming with the ONE. Does anyone here has any experience that they can share on how their setup is or what the experience has been like streaming from the ONE?


My immediate questions are: (1) anyone try video streaming on the ONE? (2) does the ONE have any available slot for an Elgato HD Pro capture card? If it does, will the Elgato fit into such tight spacing in the ONE? (3) If not from the Elgato, then has anyone tried the Nvidia's GEForce Experience Broadcast?


Any information regarding video streaming will be great?


PS. I know I can always setup a second streaming PC for this but that's not what I am interested to know. I wanted to know how Corsair ONE handles gameplay video streaming.


Thanks in advance.

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Well I haven’t get a chance to try to stream with CORSAIR ONE but i can tell you right now that there’s no space for the capture card from Elgato considering there’s only one PCIE in the CORSAIR ONE.


I’m also interested to see if anyone have tried streaming with it, could be a fun experiment (:

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